3 Places You Should Definitely Wear Our Crazy Tees

You checked out our last blog, didn’t you? We talked about places you shouldn’t wear our crazy tees and it’s been brought to our attention that we left out one place you absolutely, positively should not wear one of our awesome tees—a funeral. Unless the recently deceased specifically requested in his or her will that you do so, of course.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

A Couple of Places Our Crazy Tees Will Get You Positive Attention and High Fives

  • Are you getting geared up for the latest midnight release of the newest superhero movie? Totally fair to wear one of our funny tees to this event. You’re among nerds and nerds will not judge you. Any of our movie crazy tees will do the trick just fine.
  • Halloween is exactly three weeks away, so if you’re going to order one of our Halloween tees, now is the time, friends and neighbors. You’re likely going to be making an appearance at a Halloween party, and what better place to bust out one of our relevant funny t shirt designs?
  • Here’s an idea—how about hosting a dinner party? After all, when is the last time you got all of your best buds together? Host a potluck and rock one of our food and drink tees to let your friends know that tequila and taco Tuesday go hand in hand!

Okay, that’s enough free advice for now. Place an order today to get free shipping on the craziest crazy tees around right here at Lucky 7 Tees.

Until next time!