5 More Ways to Tell if Our Crazy Tees Are For You

Welcome back, compadre. In our previous post, we gave you five ways to tell if our cheap funny t shirts are something you can pull off. How’s your personal style? You care about looking good AND being funny, right?

Here are five more ways to tell if our crazy tees are for you:

Should you wear a cheap funny t shirt to the bar?
  1. If you stayed up way too late last night. Honestly, we really don’t need to know what you were doing. It was probably gross. Whatever you were doing, if you’re Tired AF, you’re probably a good candidate for our cheap funny t shirts.
  2. If you’re friends get mad at you when you’re out on the town. Look, we know you can’t be held accountable for what happens when you’re hungry. It’s all good! They understand. That’s why you’re friends with them.
  3. If you celebrate the little things. Are you stoked every Wednesday at about 5 pm? Understandable, because it’s time to get crunk on hump day.
  4. If you’re proud of your bodily functions. Again, that’s disgusting. We’re not here to judge. Fart away, friend. Fart away.
  5. If politics gets you riled up. It gets us riled up too. No sweat. Let ‘em know who you’re voting for in the 2016 election. This is probably your best choice at this point anyway.

There you go. Five more reasons our cheap funny t shirts may (or may not) be for you. Until next timer, pardner.