5 Ways to Tell if Our Crazy Tees Are For You

Welcome back you handsome (or pretty) fella (or lady)! Are our crazy tees for you? They’re definitely not for everyone; that’s one thing we’re quite sure of.

Here are five ways to tell if wearing one of our crazy tees is a good idea for you:

Should you play beer pong in our crazy tees?
  1. You don’t mind offending people. Let’s face it. Our quirky t shirts are pretty likely to grind a few gears. Do you mind that people are upset by your shirt? If so, maybe stick to the solid colored pocket tees.
  2. You like pushing buttons. If you don’t mind getting strangers a bit riled up, our crazy tees are definitely for you. Isn’t that the same as offending people? No. No it’s not. Shut up.
  3. You’re a movie fan. If saying something like The Dude Abides isn’t just a line from a movie and is more like a way of life, you belong in our t shirts, dude.
  4. If you know that haters gonna hate, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to feel right at home on our website. Take a look around. Our casa es su casa.
  5. If you need a new drinking buddy. Why not let the people at the bar see that you’re into Crown and Coke Zero or that you’re stoked about Margarita Monday?

Well, there you go. Are our crazy tees for you? Honestly, we’ve gotten to know you pretty well at this point and we’d venture a guess that we’re a good fit for each other. Until next time, friends and neighbors.