Grab One of Our Crazy Tees to Complete Your Holiday Shopping

Okay, so you put off shopping for Christmas gifts until just now, did you? You know what? We’re not even going to make you feel bad about it! There are about a million things to do between Halloween and Christmas, so don’t beat yourself up too much, okay sport?

Although you may have totally kind of dropped the ball, we have some good news for you—you can grab one of our crazy tees and have it shipped for free to the recipient’s house! No, it might not be there in time for Christmas, but it’s the thought that counts, you know? Everybody’s going to cut you just a bit more slack as long as you remember to do one really important thing—stop and grab a six pack or two, lighten the mood up, remind everyone that you brought the good stuff, and then break the news (“I bought you a pretty awesome tee and it’s not going to make it in time, but the good news is that it’s coming straight to your house!”).

Funny T Shirt Designs and Free Shipping

In today’s blog, we’re going to help you pick the perfect quirky t shirt to give to your loved one. There are a couple of rules you should probably follow after all. Not to worry though, because we’ve been doing this for a while and we’re here to help.

  1. Know your audience. Your grandma might be the coolest little old lady on the planet, but getting her the Fireball and Fireworks shirt is maybe not the best idea. Unless, ya know…she is really into fireball and fireworks. Maybe she is, because old people are pretty weird sometimes.
  2. Everybody could use some free shrugs. If the recipient of your gift just straight up doesn’t give a care, you need to know what he or she might want to wear.
  3. If you, like the rest of the 319 million people here in America, are ready to throw your damn hands up by the end of the week, there’s no better way to begin the ascent into the weekend than with a Fuck it Friday shirt. Because, you know…fuck it!

Grab a Crazy Tee Today

Here at Lucky 7 Tees, we know that our crazy tees aren’t for just anyone. And seriously, we wouldn’t have it any other way. But the thing about them is that for the crowd that they’re right for, they’re on point. The beautiful thing is that chances are that the person you’re ordering a funny tee for isn’t going to give two damns if it’s a couple of days late.

So go ahead and order with pride, because if your friend really loves you, he or she will just be happy to get such a cool gift from such a good friend that cared enough to get a present even though it would be a little late. That’s classy, my friend. Very classy. So classy, you could say that it’s classy AF. Just like you.

Anyway, we hope that your Christmases, Hanukkahs, Kwanzas, Festivuses, etc. go well and that the airing of grievances is everything you want it to be. Until next year!