How To Use Our Cheap, Funny T Shirts to Make a Statement This Election Season

Welcome back to the Lucky 7 Tees blog, friends and neighbors. These are trying times we’re living in. The current election has everyone concerned, and for good reason! That’s why we’d like to take a break from telling you all about the latest cheap funny t shirts in our store and focus a bit of our attention on politics.

“You, a Maker of Humorous T Shirts, Are Going to Tell Me About Politics?”

Well, the answer is…kind of. For one, feel free to follow this link if you’d like to know who we’re officially endorsing for president. We’re sort of inclined to think that perhaps you feel the same way as we do about this election.

In all honesty, we do encourage each and every reader of this blog to get out there and vote in November. When you’re at the polls, there’s no better way to let people know how you feel about the current state of affairs than showing them that you could care less for the Republican Party and that you want nothing to do with the Democratic Party. Yes, you’re a card carrying supporter of the good, old fashioned Pizza Party. Together, we can make pizza great again.

Politics isn’t your thing? Not to worry, because we have cheap, funny t shirts for everyone here at Lucky 7 Tees. Each one is designed and printed right here in the good ‘ol US of A and shipping is always free.

Welp, that about wraps things up this time around. Until next time we see ya, friends.