How We Can Make Crazy Tees Great Again

Well hello there. We’re glad you moseyed back onto the Lucky 7 Tees blog (and yes, we checked—moseyed is a real word, pardner). Got a couple more crazy tees for you this week, but before we get into that, we need to mention that we’re currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders!

We know what you’re thinking—“Are you freaking kidding me? An already incredibly priced appropriately quirky t shirt with free shipping? Heck, most shipping from other companies costs me the same amount of money that my all-time favorite company, Lucky 7 Tees, is charging for their crazy tees!”

Well, first of all, thank you! What an honor to hear such a nice compliment from a real, totally not made up, actual customer!

Together, We Can Make Funny Patriotic Tees Great Again

Let’s get back down to it though—here’s what’s new around here. Another batch of crazy tees have just dropped. Here are a few of our favorites:

One thing we’ve all learned from this election is that conserving our natural resources has never been more important. Let everyone around you know exactly how you feel with this Save Water Drink Beer t shirt. Because when water is such an important commodity, we’ll drink all of the IPAs we can get.

Everybody wants to feel the Bern lately, you know? If you’re with Bernie, let them know with this hilariously quirky t shirt! It’s hard not to love, you know?

Maybe you’d prefer to take a bit harder of a stance and literally wear your heart on your sleeve. Or in this case on your chest. What we’re saying is that you need one of our funny patriotic tees to let people know how you feel about the current state of politics in the United States without ever having to open your mouth.

Completely fed up with politics? Want nothing to do with it anymore? Totally over it all and want to hide in the corner? That’s fair. That’s fair. Let them know that you’re a registered member of the pizza party. Because after all, any pizza can be a personal pizza if you cry while you’re eating it. (FULL DISCLOSURE: We totally stole that awesome joke from comedian Aparna Nancherla and you can check out her hilarious stand-up right here.)

Okay, okay. Enough about politics. Seriously, we’re tired AF and we’re ready to move on, you know? If we have to read one more angry Facebook rant, we’re all going to lose it. I mean…come on, you’re killing me, Smalls

Anyway, it’s time for us to mosey on out of here (and yes, mosey is still a word; you can Google it if you don’t believe us) and get back to printing up the totally kickass quirky t shirts that you’ve come to know and love (and expect) from Lucky 7 Tees. We’ll be back next time with more new crazy tees, better jokes, and a little more encouragement. You need it and frankly, so do we. Until next time, friends and neighbors!