National Get Gnarly Day is Just Around the Corner

So your Google search for “cheap funny t shirts” lead you here, did it? Very cool. We’re glad you found us. “Do I have an occasion to wear one of these hilarious t shirts I just found?” you may be asking. Well, besides the obvious answer (which is every day…duh), you’re in luck because this Friday is National Get Gnarly Day. We’re not even kidding. That’s a thing!

The last Friday in July is always National Get Gnarly Day. What does that even mean? It means that it’s time to get a bit gnarly! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate on this Friday, July 29.

  • Break out the board shorts and host a gnarly pool party.
  • Grab yourself a long board and shred the gnar. That’s a thing, you know. Look it up!
  • Head out to your favorite bar. In the unlikely event that you don’t have a favorite bar, try to find one.
  • You probably can’t wear a shirt to this one, but why not try your hand at cage diving with the sharks?
  • What’s the craziest (legal) thing you can think of? Go do that and stop looking for free advice on a blog.

This kangaroo think you'd look good in one of our cheap funny t shirts.Know which one you’re going to pick? Very cool, very cool. But which of our cheap funny t shirts are you going to wear? This one is pretty good. This one has a pretty gnarly idea on getting vertical. We’re pretty big fans of this one, too.

Well, friends, that just about does it. Wraps things all up. Stay gnarly out there and we’ll catch ya later on down the trail.