What Else Is There to Do With Our Witty T Shirts This Summer?

Well, well, well. Look who found their way back to our blog. It’s really nice to see you again. Is that one of our witty t shirts you’ve got on your back? Thought so. You’re looking good!

You did see our last blog about where to wear your Lucky 7 Tees this summer, right? We’ve got a few more that you can take advantage of before the sun starts going down early and you’re covering one of your favorite witty t shirts with a jacket this fall.

  • This might sound crazy. In fact, we’re sure it will. But if there’s anyone who’s up for this challenge, it’s going to be you, right? Here it is—host a scavenger hunt. Grab your bros (or your babe!), pick the tunes, and hit the road. If you have enough teams, it makes for a great weekend event during the summer.

  • How about a themed party? The theme can be “who found the best funny t shirts online” and the answer will be “the host did” because if you’re hosting the party and you’re reading this, you’re already a fan. Easy enough.

  • Give your witty t shirts a break and go skinny dipping. As funny as your shirt is, it’s probably going to be even more fun to toss it haphazardly aside as you jump buck-naked into the nearest lake. Don’t get caught though, okay?

There you go. Three more great ideas for you to get the most out of your summer. If you get in trouble with any of these, it’s not our fault, you know. You’re the one who found a blog about funny t shirts online and took the advice you found on it. It’s the internet. You’ve got to be careful.

Anyway, enjoy. We’ll see you next time.