Why Women (and Men!) Prefer Crazy Tees Over Looks

Welcome back, friends and neighbors, to the Lucky 7 Tees blog. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about looks and personality. We know, we know. You’ve got both, you handsome devil. You’ve also got good taste in crazy tees if you’re browsing our website.

And you’re in luck because we’ve got crazy tees in spades.

Anyway, you’re a good looking guy (or gal!) and you’ve got a hell of a personality. What better way to show that off than with one of our funny tees? That special lady or fella you’ve got your eye on will also have his or her eye on you when they see your good looking face. He or she will be drawn in even further when you get closer and see that you’re voting for a pizza party instead of following this year’s circus of an election.

3 Reasons Our Awesome Tees Are Awesome

  • They’re inexpensive. Your potential future mate will appreciate the fact that you’re thrifty.
  • They’re funny. The aforementioned future mate will also love your sense of humor.
  • They perfectly frame your beautiful face. Need we say more?

There you have it. Our crazy tees are guaranteed to help you meet your future spouse. Would we be willing to put money on it? If you’re as classy AF as you say you are, then absolutely.

Now get out there and meet the beautiful, brilliant, and equally as good-humored-as-you man or woman of your dreams and then come back here and thank us. We’re pretty confident that you’ll be back sooner than later, you good looking person, you.